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Mission: To connect disadvantaged communities to enable them unlimited access to the best opportunities of the digital age through the Uayki System.

*Uayki plans to continue its expansion in Central America after the success of its pilot program "All Connected" Uayki - OLE - UN - USAID in San Pablo (San Marcos, Guatemala).

Promoting sustainability regardless of region

Bicentennial Plan - Uayki All Connected

Users of the Uayki System will be empowered by learning to understand and solve major previously unidentified problems that daily affect their quality of life. In the first instance, we have developed a course package whose main objective is to improve quality of life in a matter of weeks within rural communities.

*All this original content is released (*It does not have copyright) and is available on both platforms created by Uayki to facilitate access to high-value content, the Vital: Live Better app and the Ucloud virtual library.

Indoor Lighting

Use the plastic solar bulb. Illuminate indoors without enough daylight. Save on electricity while working safely and avoid eyelid pains, headaches and lack of power.

Drinking Water

Use the clay filter. It allows to clean the water ensuring a safe consumption. Save time and money while avoiding diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid and cholera.

Good Nutrition

Learn about the main symptoms of anemia and how to combat it. Proposes diets rich in iron and vitamin C to avoid malnutrition.

Ecological Environment

Use Eco-Letrine. Protect your environment while converting feces and urine into manure and fertilizer while saving money and increasing agricultural productivity.

Smoke-free home

Use the smoke evacuator stove. It helps save up to 50% on wood and other fossil fuels while evacuating smoke out of any environment. Avoid major respiratory and lung diseases such as pneumonia and lung cancer.


Use solar heating. Raise the temperature by up to 10'C. Avoid extreme cold at night and in winter by harnessing the power of the sun to heat the home for free.

Recolector de agua

Use the Mist Trap. Save time and money while preventing droughts by collecting water from moisture.

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