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Education must be of quality for all without distinction of any kind

A robotics and artificial intelligence team, formed by a group of Afghan girls who seek to emigrate to Canada due to the crisis that their country is going through today. Most of them are only looking to continue their education and ensure their future without living in terror.

Proposal to improve the educational system in Peru

Educational innovation and digital transformation will become the main focus of the new administration of the Peruvian Minister of Education. One of his proposals is to increase Internet coverage and implement digital community centers to bring technology closer to the rural population in order to promote their development.

Measures to bridge the digital divide with the Uayki System

Thousands of students are still unable to continue their studies. María Quispe, director of School LE 5537 in the community of Quisinsaya, located three hours from the city of Cusco, called on the authorities due to the lack of connectivity in her district, which prevents her students from being able to reliably access the "Aprendo en Casa" program of the Ministry of Education (Minedu).

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No to student desertion!

It is unfortunate that thousands of students could not be part of Minedu's "Aprendo en Casa" program because they did not have Internet in their village. This means having lost 1 year of studies or more. This year Peruvians must join forces to solve this problem that affects the lives of millions of Peruvians.

How can we exploit our potential without the Internet?

MINEDU has informed that this April 19, only 15% of schools will begin to operate with a certain level of presence, complying with the necessary security measures. However, it is reported that less than 30% of schools nationwide have Internet access.

There is Peruvian talent to be tapped

The Ministry of Education aims to achieve its goal of bridging digital divides and improving connectivity between teachers and students by providing 15GB data recharges as well as unlimited chat and mobile telephony for more than 270,000 teachers, specialists, assistants and other public servants.

How to promote semi-face-to-face classes in rural areas?

How to promote semi-face-to-face classes in rural areas? A significant number of rural schools nationwide have already started blended learning classes, taking into account all the security measures, so it is planned that different UGELs throughout the country can continue with the national curriculum in a hybrid way.

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